Jock, Hah!

I play hockey. No, not Janie, him! Yes, him – the guy that I am.

I have always been fairly good at sports, and quite competitive, and I proudly love and play Canada’s game – hockey.

But, there I was last time out, when a guy took a shot that hit me in the ankle and smarted like the ever-lovin’ dickens! And, what do you know, but the only thought running amok in my head as I crumpled to the ice in pain was, “Oh, no! I am going to have a bruise; how will I ever be able to wear that skirt and heels next weekend?”

Now, it didn’t take me long to become more realistic in my thinking, but it was no less distressing, “Sheesh, this really f***’in hurts… I might not even be able to walk in heels at all!”

‘Scuse me!  Has anyone seen that GUY I am supposed to be?

Well, in my defence, I did skate it off and finish the game despite the pain – that’s manly, right?

Then, I went home to ice it in the hopes of heading off that nasty and unbecoming bruise.


  1. What I want to know is did the gurl in you cry or did the man in you do what we as men do. Like its cool I’m good? Funny how men and women act different.

    • Yes, funny. Kinda the point. And that’s just it; what I did was a combination – I didn’t cry, but yet wasn’t really thinking like a guy either.

  2. That GUY you’re supposed to be skated away some time ago. SO the gurl in you did what other girl hockey players do, skated it off and went home and iced it so they didn’t have a bruise.

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