Valentine’s Day

I don’t know where the tradition of Valentine’s Day came from – seems even Wikipedia is confused.  But, who am I to argue with a day that celebrates love?

The way I see it, the more love there is in this world, the better off we will all be – and by love I mean affection, generosity, respect, kindness…

…oh, and lust… Here’s my Valentine’s Day card (as usual, click to enlarge):



  1. Happy valentines day. Wish you were my valentines day love

    • Thanks, sweetie! xoxo

  2. I am all yours Janie. Kisses!

    • Kisses back, darling. xoxoxo

  3. To you (and yours) on this lovey-dovey, occasionally over-the-top, but sometimes as straight-to-the heart (as Cupid’s arrow) escape – Happy Valentine’s Day, Janie!….

    (The hair over the eyes make this photo sensual and kittenish! ;)

    • Thanks Shaun. A lovely comment. xoxo Janie Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

  4. Great picture, Janie. I love your list of love descriptions….and the order of the list. Hope that was intentional. Honestly, you could have left off the last one, lust. Seems there is way too much of that, and, IMHO, it doesn’t have a thing to do with love.
    Happy Valentines Day to ya! oxox

    • Thanks Shannon. But, honestly, I think you’re off base here on your comments about lust. Of course, there are many kinds of love that don’t involve lust – the love of a parent for a child, or a child for their parent, the love of friendship, of community or humanity, etc. But, romantic love… honey, if you think lust has nothing to do with that kind of love, I fear you may never have been in love! To me, love without that sexual component is friendship, not a romantic relationship. To desire one’s sweetheart in the most intimate of ways – it’s natural, wonderful, beautiful, special.

      • “To desire one’s sweetheart in the most intimate of ways – it’s natural, wonderful, beautiful, special.”

        I couldn’t agree more. I’m just not sure that has anything to do with “lust”. Maybe I’m wrong….that’s okay. Maybe it’s just a matter of semantics here. To me, the desire you mention comes from, and is the result of love for that person. The focus is more on that person.. I just think that, in contrast, a lustful desire has nothing to do with the other person. It’s all about me, and what I can get out of it.

        It’s okay to disagree. I still “luv ya”…lol! I gotta tell ya though, that love does not have to include a romantic relationship. Maybe you don’t see that because you aren’t a parent. I don’t have a romantic relationship with my son, but I love him dearly….and that’s not mere friendship.

      • Umm… Shannon, darling, re your last point – it’s what I said. Perhaps you should re-read my comment.

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